1998년 9월 6일에 시행한 국가직(행자부) 7급 공무원 시험 영어 기출문제입니다.

* 밑줄 친 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 골라라[1-2]
1. Only the very brave or the very ignorant can say exactly ________ advertising does in the market place.
 ① it is what that
 ② what it is that
 ③ that it is what
 ④ that what it is

2. ____________ , seemingly irrational tendencies can lead even the brightest minds to make costly mistakes.
 ① Leaving unchecked
 ② Leaving unchecking
 ③ Left unchecked
 ④ Experienced

* 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적당한 것은 ?
3. 당신이 마음을 바꾸더라도 아무도 당신을 비난하지 않을 것입니다.
 ① Should you change your mind, no one would blame you.
 ② If you should change your mind, any one would not blame you
 ③ Change your mind, or no one will put the blame on you.
 ④ If you had changed you mind, none would have blamed you.

4. 관용적으로 잘못 쓰인 표현이 있는 문장은 ?
 ① He has been gaining weight ever since he got married.
 ② My brother wants to marry with a rich woman.
 ③ I've been married to you for almost eleven years and I still feel excited  whenever I see you.
 ④ My elder brother has asked a female lawyer to marry him.

 밑줄 친 표현과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 골라라[5-6]]
5. The car is a basic model with no frills such as a cassette player or sunshine roof.
 ① necessities
 ② bargains
 ③ conveniences
 ④ luxuries

6. According to the weather forecast, it will be mostly sunny tomorrow, with intermittent showers in the afternoon.
 ① continuous
 ② recurrent
 ③ heavy
 ④ long and tedious

* 밑줄 친 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 골라라[7-9]
7. This lawyer is probably one of the most _______ in the nation in the field of labor dispute.
 ① experiential
 ② experiences
 ③ experiencing
 ④ experienced

An  international team of researchers ______1_______ dark matter in a spherical halo that surrounds our Milky Way galaxy found objects called brown dwarfs that fill the bill. But the objects probably account for only about 20 percent of the _____2_____ that the halo region should theoretically contain, the team said.
 밑줄 친 1. 2에 알맞게 짝지어진 것은 ?
 ① invoking - dispersed matter
 ② observed of - transparent substance
 ③ reserving the - surrounding matter
 ④ searching for - unseen matter

Before the invention of money, people used to get the goods and services they wanted by ______ things with others. This system was entirely dependent on an agreement between both people, who each had what the other wanted. The system of exchange started to work more smoothly with the introduction of money. By using precious metals, which had been officially weighed and made into coins, it became possible to sell what you produced in return for coins, then use the coins to buy anything you wanted from a third party. Some societies have developed acceptable _____ for coins by using things which, in reality, have a fixed value such as salt or cigarettes.
 ① swapping - substitutes
 ② changing - substitution
 ③ exchanged - subsidies
 ④ valued - subjects

10. 주어진 單語의 가장 적합한 설명은 ?
 A setback is __________________.
 ① a disadvantage in a plan
 ② a pain caused by standing for a long time in one position
 ③ a house which is a long way from the main road
 ④ something which happens, such as a delay, to spoil your plans

* 밑줄 친 표현과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 골라라[11-12]
11. So much for the first these two matters. Now for the second.
 ① I quite agree to
 ② Enough has been said about
 ③ Thank you so much for
 ④ A lot of time for

12. I've been snowed under reports from over twenty organizations.
 ① inundated
 ② satisfied
 ③ interrupted
 ④ acquainted

* 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적당한 것을 골라라
13. 버스 한 대가 커브 길에서 트럭을 추월하고 있었다.
 ① A bus was overtaking a truck on the curve.
 ② A bus was taking over a truck on the curve.
 ③ A bus was passing a truck on the curb.
 ④ A bus was undertaking a truck on the curb.

But some Asian-Americans remain angry and offended, even as they acknowledge that their own reticence and _____ may make it easier for slurs and slights to continue. " The American mind is just permeated with anti-Asian sentiment, " said Ling-Chi Wang, a professor of Asian-American and ethnic studies at the University of California at Berkeley.
 ① objection
 ② successive resistance
 ③ failure to object
 ④ anti-American movement

15. 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하라.
 In some ways I am like some of my college friends ; in some ways I am different. My parents really pushed me to go to college, although I had no burning desire to do so. Of course, now I am glad they did. They also wonder what good a degree in psychology is, but I accept the fact that parents often don't understand the interests and ambitions of their children.
 The author's parents felt ______ about his choice of majors.
 ① satisfied
 ② disappointed
 ③ upset
 ④ excited

16. 다음 글의 주된 내용은 ?
 Some people become blind because a part of the eye called the cornea doesn't let in enough light. The cornea becomes clouded over. These people can be made to see again, however, if they are able to get clear corneas to let in the light. The blind must get the corneas from people with healthy eyes-people who agree to let blind people use their eyes after they die.
 ① Why cornea get clouded over
 ② Why healthy eyes need more light
 ③ How people can see better
 ④ How clear cornea help the blind

17. 다음 문장들을 논리적인 글이 되도록 배열하라
 ① In March 1979, Wertheimer and physicist Ed Leeper, Ph. D. , published this ominous finding in the American Journal of Epidemiology, one of the foremost epidemiological journals in the world. ② In addition, appliances tend to be used sporadically and therefore do not constitute sources of chronic, or continuous , magnetic-field exposure. ③ They pointed out, however, that unlike the magnetic fields given off by power lines, the fields from most household appliances fall off sharply with distance from the appliance. ④ Their article noted that certain household appliances - hair dryer, toasters, and electric drills - can also produce strong magnetic fields, ⑤ They wrote that power lines, " are taken for granted and generally assumed to be harmless. " but that assumption had " never been adequately tested.
 ① a - e - d - c - b
 ② e - d - c - b - a
 ③ c - a - d - b - e
 ④ b - c - a - e - d

18. 다음 주어진 문장에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은 ?
  The stage of prewriting includes any activity you do in order to start writing the composition. It may include freely discussing the topic in a group, making a list, or drawing a diagram or chart.
 ⓐ The selections are intended both to model effective argument writing, as well   as to cause the reader to agree or disagree.
 ⓑ Your opinions, elicited by the selections, should form the basis for your own   argument writing.
 ⓒ It may also include reading about the topic. Each chapter in this book includes a selection from a major newspaper or magazine on a controversial  topic.
 ① a - b - c
 ② b - a - c
 ③ c - a - b
 ④ b - c - a

 [19-20] 다음 글을 읽고 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 알맞은 것을 골라라.
  A corporate president recently made a visit to a nearby Indian reservation as part of his firm's public relations program. " We realize that we have not hired any Indians in the five years as our company has been located in this area, " he told assembled tribesmen, " but we are looking into this matter very carefully, " " Hora, hora, " said some of the Indians. " We would like to eventually hire 5 percent of our total work force from this reservation, " he said. "Hora, hora, " shouted more of the Indians. Encouraged by their enthusiasm , the president closed his short addresses by telling that he hoped his firm would be able to take some hiring action within the next couple of years. "Hora, hora, hora, " cried the total group. With a feeling of satisfaction the president left the hall and was taken on a tour of the reservation. Stopping in a field to admire some of the horses grazing there, the president asked if he cold walk up closer to the animals. " Certainly, " said his Indian driver, " but careful not to step into the hora. "
19. From the passage, we can infer that _____________.
 ① the Indians believed the president's speech
 ② the Indians did not believe the president's speech
 ③ the Indians could not understand what the president spoke about
 ④ the Indians liked the president very much

20. From the passage, we can infer that the president ________.
 ① thought the Indians deserved to be hired
 ② thought his company should not hire the Indians
 ③ misinterpreted the Indians's reaction to his speech
 ④ believed the Indians should be approached very carefully.

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