1999년 5월 16일에 시행한 국가직 9급 공무원 시험 영어 기출문제입니다.

* 다음 밑줄 친 곳에 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.[1-8]
1. It used to be fashionable for women to have very small waists. They often wore tight clothes around their middles to make them thinner.
 A woman with a very thin waist was said to be " wasp-waisted" because her body looked like the body of a wasp. The wasp is an insect with ___________.
 ① a very thin middle
 ② a large body and small head
 ③ tight clothes around its middle
 ④ six thin and long legs

2. Scientists know more about ancient civilizations than is found in written records from those civilization. Researchers all over the world are studying remnants of the past and fitting together the history of man. Facts about the development of the human race even prior to the invention of writing are no longer _________.
 ① pieced together
 ② completely unknown
 ③ known to science
 ④ the concern of the historian

3. In _______ reasoning we begin with evidence - facts, statistics, expert opinion, examples - and after studying this evidence, we arrive at a conclusion.
 For example, we learn from sad experience at parties that the third drink we take makes us sick, " Two drinks an evening is all that my body will handle." That is our conclusion, based on evidence we have observed.
 ① inductive
 ② deductive
 ③ inferential
 ④ conclusive

4. Don't open your door to a stranger, _____ he says he is from the police.
 ① despite
 ② even if
 ③ no matter what
 ④ whatever

5. Time is more general than space, because it applies to the inner world of impressions, emotions, and ideas for which no _______ order can be given.
 ① natural
 ② casual
 ③ temporal
 ④ spatial

6. The thermal pollution entering the water supply comes from electric power generation as well as other industrial processes. Heat changes water by reducing the oxygen content. This, of course, negatively affects marine life. Despite this, it may be that the advantages to thermal pollution outweigh the disadvantages. ________ water temperatures are helpful in the development of fish eggs.
 ① For instance
 ② In contrast
 ③ As a result
 ④ In the same way

7. Many people are superstitious about black cats, Friday the thirteenth, or walking under ladders. But few people have ever heard about a strange superstition regarding eggs. It seems that many years ago, in the northen parts of Germany, people believed that you could beautify your complexion by simply making the sign of a cross in front of your face with an egg.
______________________________ . It had to be the first egg laid by a chicken that had been hatched during the spring and that had laid its first egg shortly before Christmas of the same year.
 ① But there were not much money enough to buy an egg.
 ② But it couldn't be just any egg.
 ③ And it might have been every egg around you.
 ④ But eggs were very uncommon food in those days.

8.  We've all been bored by the proud parents who talk on and on about their wonderful talented son, never bothering to ask us about our equally special child. At some point the person who is talking has an obligation to turn the conversation around and ask, " _________________________."  "People will think you're fascinating, " says Choke, " if you get them to talk about themselves". Ask questions. Discover the person's interests.
 ① Now, do you want me to talk about my husband ?
 ② What do you think of my son ?
 ③ Is there any question you want to ask me ?
 ④ How are your children ?

* 밑줄 친 곳에 공통으로 들어갈 단어를 고르시오[9-10]
9. Babies need milk to ______ their bones.
  The builders plan to ____ the old tower with steel beams.
 ① multiply
 ② elicit
 ③ implore
 ④ fortify

10. The doctor advised me to refrain ______ smoking.
   He is suffering _____ the heat.
   He must not be able to tell the right ____ the wrong.
 ① with
 ② from
 ③ of
 ④ without

11. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법 상 가장 어색한 것은 ?
 The ideals ① upon which American society ② is basedis primarily those of Europe and not ones ④derived from the native Indian culture.

* 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오[12-13]
The Constitution embodies the ideology's view of man and of government in its relationship to man. People have both rights and interests : government must respect for the former , and it should permit the individualistic pursuit of the latter so long as either national unity or basic rights are not infringed. The polity would be failing if striving individuals were unable to advance their interests within it - or if they were able to be too successful, since every special interest is inherently " activated by some common impulse or passion.... adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community, " as James Madison put it in The Federalist Papers. The balance must be found in an elaborate social - political pluralism, where no group or interest can get too strong. Underlying the entire constitutional arrangement, then as now, is the classical liberal distrust of power as a threat to the sovereign individual. The answer to this problem of power; ____________.
12. The author is talking about _________.
 ① the origin of the Constitution
 ② the American individualism
 ③ the spirit of the Constitution
 ④ the social-political pluralism

13. Choose the one which can be used in the underlined part.
 ① raise it and reinforce it
 ② make it and keep it.
 ③ recognize it and use it
 ④ disperse it and limit it.

14. 밑줄 친 곳에 가장 알맞은 영어 속담은 ?
The old saying " ________________ " is never more true than when at the dinner table. In some parts of Korea, it is a sign of appreciation to drink one's tea or soup with much gusto and smacking of lips. But in most Western countries no noise should be made while eating. Eating utensils, too, differ from country to country.
 ① When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
 ② All roads lead to Rome.
 ③ Habit is a second nature
 ④ Every dog has its own day.

15. 다음 글의 밑줄 친 it 이 가리키는 것은 ?
I abandoned the medical profession with relief, but I do not regret the five years I spent at the hospital - far from it. They taught me pretty well all I know about human nature, for in a hospital you see it naked and raw. People in pain, people in fear of death, do not try to hide anything from their doctor, and if they do, he can generally guess what they are hiding.
 ① a hospital
 ② human nature
 ③ the medical profession
 ④ all I know

16. 다음 중 어법상 어색한 것은 ?
 ① If he had taken his patron;'s advice then, he might have been alive now.
 ② A man's worth lies not in what he has, but  in what he is.
 ③ You will have lost many things by September next year, if you fail to follow my advice.
 ④ He suggested to her that they go to the park.

17. 다음을 영어로 옮길 때 가장 적절한 것은 ?
사람들은 그가 자살한 것으로 믿고 있다.
 ① They are believing him to have killed himself.
 ② It is being believed that he killed himself.
 ③ He is believed to be killed himself.
 ④ He is believed to have been killed himself.

18. 다음 글의 주제로 알맞은 것은 ?
Books can take us out of ourselves. None of us has had enough personal experience to know other people - or, indeed, himself -thoroughly. We all fell lonely in this vast, irresponsive world. We are shocked by the injustice of the world and the hardships of life. But from books we learn that others-greater men than we - have suffered and have sought as we have.
 ① 간접경험
 ② 인생의 고난
 ③ 인생의 고독
 ④ 세상의 비리

19. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은 ?
Looking forward to the decade of the 2000s, one wonders what personal qualities will be needed for success. Possibly the four essential attributes are flexibility , honesty, creativity, and perseverance . First, our rapidly changing society requires flexibility - the ability to adapt oneself to new ideas and experiences. Next, honesty, the capacity both to tell and to face the truth courageously, will be important in all aspects of personal and public relations. In addition, creativity will be required to meet the constantly changing world around us. Finally, perseverance, the ability to hold on at all costs, will be required in a society where competition for space, food, and shelter will increase with a growing population.
 ① Different Personal Qualities for Competition
 ② Personal Qualities for Success in the 2000's
 ③ Changing world in the 2000's
 ④ Expectations of the 2000's

20. 다음 글을 읽고 뒤에 이어질 내용으로 가장 알맞은 것은 ?
Abundant energy is essential to modern civilization. Energy beyond that provided by human or animal muscles is needed for operating our factories, for heating and cooking our homes, for powering most forms of transportation, and for hundreds of other purposes, Presently coal and oil supply the majority of our energy needs. But coal, when burned, tends to pollute the air, and oil is becoming scarcer. Other sources, therefore, must be developed.
 ① 공해문제
 ② 통신수단 발달
 ③ 산업개발
 ④ 대체연료 개발

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