2001년 9월 2일에 시행한 국가직 7급 공무원 시험 영어 기출문제입니다.

1. 다음 중 Stomachache의 밑줄 친 부분과 발음이 같은 것은?
① chauvinism
② chuckle
③ chimera
④ choker

[k]로 발음되는 것은 chimera이다.

※ 밑줄 친 곳에 들어갈 알맞은 것은?〔2~6〕
2. Many groups of young people volunteer to teach, without pay, the people of the poor communities how to read and write, how to take care of their water supply and how to better care for their farms and animals. Thus the formerly hopeless members of the communities see that all is not lost. They become _____ when they realize that they themselves can help make a better future.
① less discouraged
② more interested in making money
③ less satisfied with themselves
④ more disappointed

Thus가 앞의 원인과 뒤의 결과를 연결하고 있다. 앞에서 가르침을 받으므로 뒤에는 좋은 결과인 ① 혹은 ②가 나온다. 돈 이야기는 없고, 앞의 formerly hopeless와 반대되는 내용인 ①이 들어간다.

3. If you're on the ground floor, of course, just open the window and climb out. From the next floor you might make it with only a sprained ankle, but you must jump out far enough to clear the building. Many people hit window sills and ledges on the way down, and cartwheel to the ground If you're any higher than the third floor, chances are you won't survive the fall. You would probably be better off staying inside, and fighting the _____.
① earthquake
② monster
③ fire
④ neighbor

재난 상황이므로 지진 아니면 화재이다. 이것이 화재 사건이라면 3층 이상에 있다고 해서 내부에 그대로 머물러있으라고 할 수 없다. 또한 몇 층에서 불이 났느냐에 따라 대피 요령이 달라져야 한다. 본문은 건물 전체에 일관된 대피 요령을 진술하고 있으므로 지진의 상황이다.

4. This kind of scientific paper requires a _____ style of writing rather than a redundant one.
① consistent
② terse
③ logistical
④ tacit

rather than을 통해 대조를 이루는 구조이다. 뒤의 redundant "장황한“과 반대가 되는 ② terse "간결한”이 들어가야 한다.

A : "Did you visit your sister last weekend?"
B : "Well, I intended to, but she called up saying she _____ out of town, so I went to Chicago instead."
① were
② would be
③ shall be
④ will be

과거 시점(called up)에서의 예정을 의미하므로 ② would be가 들어간다.

A : who won the soccer game?
B : No one. It rained last night. They had to call _____ the game as the ground was too wet to play on.
① on
② for
③ in
④ off

뒤에 땅이 질어서 경기할 수 없었다는 내용이 있으므로 경기를 취소해야 한다. call of "취소하다“

7. 밑줄 친 문장과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은?
Tom : "That exam was just awful."
Kate : "Oh, it could have been worse."
① The exam was just awful.
② It was the worst exam she had ever taken.
③ It couldn't have been more difficult.
④ It wasn't that hard.

가정법 과거 완료를 이용했다. 직역하면 “더 나쁠 수도 있었을 것이다.”이므로 그 의미는 ④ 그렇게 끔찍하지는 않았다는 것이다.

※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은?〔8~9〕
8. Educators are needlessly squeamish about their duty to uphold moral value and needlessly perplexed about how to implant them.
① ambiguous
② unique
③ versatile
④ fastidious

squeamish "까다로운“=fastidious

9. As a small child, Henry remembered racing up and dawn that hill 50 times a day and thinking nothing of it; with they years, however, it has become an arduous climb.
① casual
② difficult
③ symbolic
④ exuberant

arduous "어려운“=difficult

※ 표현이 어색하거나 문법상 옳지 않은 것을 고르시오.〔10~12〕
Observe ㉠closely your surroundings, the ㉡positions of the cars ㉢involving, license numbers and ㉣any other pertinent details.
① ㉠
② ㉡
③ ㉢
④ ㉣

명령문에 목적어들이 나열되었다. ㉢ involved로 바꾸어야 한다. involved는 한정적으로 사용되면 “복잡한”, 서술적으로 사용되면 “관련된”의 의미이다. ‘주격 관계대명사+be'가 생략되었다.

The hospital, ㉠alike many others ㉡across the country, turned to ㉢its antiquated ㉣loudspeaker system.
① ㉠
② ㉡
③ ㉢
④ ㉣

㉠㉡은 삽입구이다. alike는 형용사이므로 전치사 like로 바꾸어야 한다.

The new system ㉡responds ㉢at seconds ㉣to any emergency.
① ㉠
② ㉡
③ ㉢
④ ㉣

전치사 in으로 바꾸어야 한다. in seconds "수초 이내에“

13. 주어진 문장이 들어가기에 가장 적절한 것은?
She is especially interested in how schools prepared and prepare students to be adults.
㉠ In this essay, Dr. Goodman compares and contrasts education in the past and present. ㉡ The point she makes is that society nowadays does not give children and adolescents enough good opportunities to try to be adults and to learn how to be adults. ㉢ She says that "We have left schools the job of producing adults but schools are where the young are kept, not where they grow up." ㉣ Has your schooling prepared you to be an adult? If so, how? If not, why not?
① ㉠
② ㉡
③ ㉢
④ ㉣

especially "특별히“가 문제를 푸는 열쇠이다. 앞에는 전체적인 관심에 대한 진술이, 뒤에는 구체적 진술이 나와야 한다. ㉠ 이 전체적 관심이고 ㉡이하에 구체적 진술이 나오므로 ㉡에 들어간다.

14. 다음 문장들을 논리적인 글이 되도록 순서대로 바르게 배열한 것은?
㉠ For the past two years. I have been studying cancer survivors at the university, trying to find out why it is that some people respond much better to their treatment than do others.
㉡ some patients fared much better in their therapies than others.
㉢ The patients I am talking about here received upon diagnosis whatever therapy - medication, radiation, surgery - their individual cases demanded.
㉣ On closer scrutiny, however, I discovered that severity of the illness was only one of a number of factors that accounted for the difference between those who get well and those who don't.
㉤ Yet the response to such treatments was hardly uniform.
㉥ At first I thought that some patients did well because their illnesses were not as severe as the illnesses of others.
① ㉠㉡㉢㉥㉣㉤
② ㉠㉥㉣㉢㉤㉡
③ ㉠㉢㉡㉤㉥㉣
④ ㉠㉡㉥㉣㉢㉤

보기에 ㉠이 제일 앞에 나왔다. 또한 ㉥㉣의 순서이었다. ㉥㉣은 처음에 병이 심각하지 않기 때문이라고 생각했다가 자세히 조사하니 아니라는 것이다. 그러므로 이 내용 뒤에는 다른 밝혀진 사실이 나와야 한다. ㉤㉤의 such treatments가 오려면 치료의 종류들을 언급한 ㉢이 앞에 와야한다. ㉤ 다음에는 어떻게 일정하지 않은 지를 밝히는 ㉡이 와야 한다.

15. What is the major concern in this passage?
The court says nothing's more complex than black and white, and children and love to mixture have a heartbreaking dilemma. The subject is quite simply black babies taken in by white families. A number of black social workers say it should never happen that heritage supersedes any emotional attachment. And, there's no more emotional debates going on in Minnesota. It's a bitter tug of war with children as the prize.
① child psychology
② a tug of war
③ counseling service
④ interracial adoption

초점이 되는 것은 흑백 인종의 문제이고 백인 가정에 받아들여진 아이가 문제이므로 ④가 답이다.

※ 다음 글의 읽고 물음에 답하시오.〔16~17〕
The minds of young people are flexible and elastic, and easily ㉠ accommodate themselves to any one they fall in with. They find grounds of attraction both where they agree with another and where they differ : what is ㉡_______ to themselves creates sympathy : what is supplemental creates admiration and esteem.

16. ㉠와 가장 가까운 의미를 가지는 단어는?
① adopt
② adjust
③ accumulate
④ accomplish

accomodate 적응하다 = adjust

17. ㉡에 들어갈 가장 적절한 단어는?
① kindred
② private
③ essential
④ plastic

㉡ 앞에 ‘동의하다 - 다르다’가 대조되어 있으므로, 뒤도 대조가 되어야 한다. supplemental은 “보충의, 추가하는”의 의미이므로 앞의 differ와 일치한다. 따라서 밑줄에는 agree와 같은 의미의 말인 kindred "동종의, 같은 혈족의“라는 말이 들어간다.

※ 다음 글을 읽고 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 알맞은 어구를 고르시오.〔18~20〕
Success in producing mental discipline is the chief merit of traditional higher education. I doubt whether it can be achieved except by compelling or persuading active attention to a prescribed task. It is for this reason chiefly that I do not believe methods such as Madame Montessori's applicable when the age of childhood has been passed. The essence of her method consists in giving a choice of occupations, any one of which is interesting to most children, and all of which are instructive. The child's attention is wholly spontaneous, as in play; it enjoys acquiring knowledge in this way, and does not acquire any knowledge which it does not desire. I am convinced that this is the best method of education with young children : the actual results make it almost impossible to think otherwise. But it is difficult to see how this method can lead to control of attention by the will.

18. Mental discipline of the students can successfully be achieved _____.
① by applying Montessori's method of education
② by allowing students to choose occupations of their own will
③ by teaching students only prescribed subjects
④ by forcing students to pay heed to a prescribed task

19. Traditional higher education _____.
① is better in producing mental discipline than Montessori's method
② is applicable only to those who are over the age of childhood
③ makes it difficult for students to have control of attention by the will
④ is based on Madame Montessori's educational method

20. According to the author, Madame Montessori's method of teaching _____.
① will result in creating a lot of occupations
② is very strict and instructive
③ is not likely to achieve its proposed object
④ can be greatly instrumental to students' obtaining of the control of attention

이 글의 구조는 Montessori 교육 방법을 아이들이 아닌 사람들에게 적용하는 것은 어렵다는 내용이다. 전체적 전개 내용: 전통적인 고등 교육이 정신적 훈련에서 성공적이었다-그것은 과제에 대한 집중력을 요구했다-Montessori는 어린이들에게 장점들이 있다-그러나 집중력을 통제하도록 할 수는 없다. 따라서 ‘Montessori 교육은 고등교육에는 적합하지 않다’는 요지를 지니고 있다.

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